Discourse Comprehension and Production

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      A.    Discourse Comprehension
Kridalaksana in Yoce (2009: 69) discusses the language of discourse is the most complete unit in the highest and grammatical hirearki a grammatical unit of the highest or greatest. Discourse is realized in the form of a whole essay, such as novels, short stories or prose and poetry, a series of encyclopedias and others as well as paragraphs, sentences, phrases, and words that carry the full mandate.
Discourse is 1. series of related sentences, which connects with a preposition is a preposition that other, forming a single unit, forming a sense of harmony between the sentences; 2. unity of the language or the largest most comprehensive and highest in the sentence or clause with high coherence and cohesion that are sustainable, which could have a real beginning and end, be submitted orally or in writing (in Eriyanto Badudu JS, 2001: 2).
Based on the statement, in broad outline, we can conclude the sense of discourse is the linguistic unit larger than a sentence or clause, and a complete language units than phonemes, morphemes, words, clauses, sentences with high coherence and cohesion that are sustainable, are capable of having early and real final, delivered orally or in writing may include oral speech and can also be written, but the conditions must be in a series and is formed by more than a sentence.
Dardjowidjojo in Mulyana (2005: 1) explains that the study of discourse pertaining to the understanding of human action is done with the language (verbal) and not the language (nonverbal). This suggests, that to understand the discourse of well and appropriately, required sufficient knowledge of language, and not the language (general).
As objects of study and the study of language, discourse can be studied from various aspects. Discourse analysis examines the discourse in terms of both internal and external. In terms of internal, examined the discourse of the type, structure, and relationships parts of discourse, while the external terms of discourse examined in terms of linkages with the speaker's discourse, the subject matter and the conversation partner. In conclusion, the understanding of discourse is the process of finding the configuration of schemata that offers an adequate description of the relevant literature.

      B.     Discorse Production
Production of discourse can be a series of sentences or sequences of utterances (although discourse may be a single sentence or utterance). Discourse in the form of a series of sentences or utterances should consider certain principles, the principle of unity (unity) and cohesiveness (coherent).
Discourse is said to complete when the sentences in a discourse that supports the topics being discussed, while the discourse is said coherent if the sentences - sentences arranged in a regular and systematic, thus showing keruntututan ideas expressed.


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