How to keep our books so that always looks neat and nice?

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Surely we would feel happy and want to always read the book when we have always seen is still good, despite being read several times. In addition we are also bound to linger at home sitting on the chair, reading our favorite books. For instance novel, comic or even a textbook though. Here are the steps to keep a rare-book us to always look neat and nice:
1.      Of course the first time we have to do is set up equipment. The equipment required is also very easy and does not need to pay big. We just simply prepared tape, plastic covers, glue and a ruler if necessary, and the last is scissor. The tools we used to envelop the user in order to keep books neat and always looks good.
2.      Prior to envelop the book with plastic cover, the next step we have to do is to fold and tape the end of the book which usually quickly ripped. For example, the Left and Right side of the fold of the book. The tape serves to keep our books so that no marks folds or tears after we read.
3.      Take the plastic cover and measure according to the size of the book, so the result is neat, we can use a ruler and a cutter when they wanted to cut the plastic cover. When we cut the plastic cover, try to have more shall be so freely when the cover is about to be folded. Scissors and do not forget the duct tape that were not open the plastic cover and really stick with the book. Envelop the user with a thick plastic to prevent the book we do not quickly torn because it is often read. In addition, the plastic cover also prevents dust littering the book.
4.      If we want to read the book beforehand, try not to read like he was reading the newspaper. But it must be with a full sense of belonging. Reading books such as reading the newspaper will make our books easily damaged, open and glue the paper will likely scattered.
5.      If this happens as above (the book was torn open and glue), immediately take the glue / adhesive to repair the damage and prevent the papers were scattered because of the glue is not very strong. Give the glue in the less section until enough, use cutton bath or glue stick, so not too much is taken.
6.      When the glue has been applied to the section, immediately clamp the book by storing a ruler at the top and bottom of the book. This is done so that the glue is applied to remain strong and durable.
7.      Keep a book on the shelf in a standing position and stacking neatly. It is intended to help us when going to look for books that are needed when we want to read the book.
8.      Once a month unloading book in the bookcase, and clean of dust or dirt so that the book is always neat and maintained.
That's the tips I can give, may be useful for you all.

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