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A noun is the name of a person, place, or thing. There are two basic classifications of nouns in English. They are called countable and uncountable nouns. But noun consists of:

a.     Countable Nouns
Countable nouns have singular and plural forms.
Ø  Names of person, their relationships, and their occupations.
One baby                                 two boys
One daughter                          two daughters
One student                            two students
Ø  Names of animals, plants, insect.
One dog                                  two dogs
One flower                              two flowers
One bee                                   two bees
Ø  Names of things with a definite, individual shape.
One car                                    two cars
One house                               two houses
One room                                two rooms
Ø  Unit of measurement
One inch                                  two inches
One pound                              two pounds
One degree                              two degrees
Ø  Unit of classification in society.
One family                              two families
One country                            two countries
One language                          two languages
Ø  Containers of non-count, solids, liquids, pastes and gases.
One bottle                               two bottles
One jar                                                two jars
One tube                                 two tubes
Ø  A limited number of abstract concepts.
One idea                                  two ideas
One invention                         two inventions
One plan                                  two plans

Examples: - We have twenty dollars left.
-    The temperature has risen ten degrees in two hours.

b.    Uncountable Nouns
Remember that uncountable nouns have only one form. They are used in agreement with singular verbs. The word doesn’t precede them.
1.      Food staples that can be purchased in various form:
Bread, meat, butter, etc.
2.      Construction materials that can change shape, depending on what is made:
Wood, iron, glass, etc.
3.      Liquids that can change shape, depending on the shape of the container:
Oil, tea, milk, etc.
4.      Natural substances that can change shape, depending on natural laws:
Steam, water, ice, smoke, ashes, oxygen, etc.
5.      Substances with many small parts:
Rice, sand, sugar, etc.
6.      Groups of things that have different sizes and shapes:
Clothing (a coat, a shirt, a shock, etc.)
Furniture (a table, a chair, a bed, etc.)
Luggage (a suitcase, a trunk, a box, etc.)
7.      Languages: Arabic, Spanish, Japanese, etc.
8.      Abstract concepts, often with ending –ness, -ance, -ence, -ity:
Beauty, ignorance, peace, loneliness, etc.
9.      Most –ing forms: learning, shopping, working, etc.

Examples: - Friendship is important.
-    Toshi speaks Japanese at home.
-    I like tea with milk.
-    Meat is expensive in the grocery store on the corner.
c.       Common Nouns
The noun in general categories.
Example: Car, man, animal, shirt.
d.      Proper Nouns
Specific things such as the name of something or someone, brand, etc.
Example: - Rudi, Ahmad, Galunggung, Pangandaran.
-    Toyota, Suzuki, Addidas.
e.       Concrete Nouns
Something which can be detected by five senses.
Example: house, book, pen, etc.
f.       Abstract Nouns
The Nouns which is modified from the other words.
Example: - ion: satisfaction, communication, relation to,

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