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Lesson Plan

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This assigment to Fulfill the subject of Teaching English as Foreign Language


Made by:
Class 5C

               Dian Budiana



Name of School         :  MTs Neglasari
Subject                       :  English
Class/ Semester          :  VII (seven)/ I (one)

Competence Standard:  1. Listening
Understanding the meaning in transactional and interpersonal conversation is very simple to interact with the immediate environment.

Basic Competence   :   1.1.  Responding to the meaning of transactional conversation (to get Things done) and interpersonal (social) which uses a very simple range of spoken language accurately, fluently and thankful to interact with the immediate environment that involves speech act: greet people who are not / are well known, introduce yourself / other people, and governor prohibit.

Indicators:      1. Responding greeting people who have/ had known
2. Introducing oneself/ others

A. Learning Objectives
1. Students are able to respond to expressions of greeting people who have or have not known.
2. Students are able to reveal how to introduce yourself or others.

B. Character of Students Expected
1. Self-confidence
2. Creative

C. Learning Materials
o   Greeting


Good morning
Good day
Good afternoon
Good evening

Good morning
Good day
Good afternoon
Good evening

Selamat pagi
Selamat siang
Selamat sore
Selamat malam

Morning Formal Greeting
Mr. Probo  : Good morning, Miss Lina.
Miss Lina  : Good morning, Mr. Probo
Mr. Probo  : How are you today?
Miss Lina  : I am very well, thank you. And you?
Mr. Probo  : I’m fine too, thank you.

Informal Greeting
Rina           : Hello, Nita.
Nita           : Hi, Rina.
Rina           : How are you?
Nita           : I’m fine, thanks. And you?
Rina           ; Fine too, thanks.

To separate or leave the person, his words are:


Good bye
Good night

Good bye
Good night

Selamat tinggal
Selamat berpisah

Some of the other is how to deliver greeting: Hi!, Hello!, To encounter, and Bye-bye, Cheerio, see you, so long to part, the answer is the same as saying.
Examples of use in the dialog:

Formal Parting
Mrs. Pudji             : Goodbye, Mr. Gorsku.
Mr. Gorsku            : Goodbye, Mrs. Pudji.
Mr. Pudji               : See you tomorrow.
Mr. Gorsku            : See you.

Informal Parting
Linda                     : Bye, Peter.
Peter                      : Goodbye, Linda.
Linda                     : See you later.
Peter                      : See you.

o   Introducing Persons
·           Introducing Yourself in A Formal Situation
Mrs. Nadia    : May I introduce myself? My name is Mrs. Nadia. I’m a librarian at this school
Miss ratih      : Pleased to meet you, Mrs. Nadia.
Mrs. Nadia    : Pleased to meet you, too, Miss Ratih. Welcome to this school.
Miss ratih      : Thank You.
·           Introducing Yourself in An Informal Situation
Mr. Bowo      : Hello, my name is Bowo. I’m a geography teacher in this school.
Mr. Probo: How do you do, Ratu, my name is Sultan Baginda.
Ratu  : How do you do, I’m glad to meet you.
Sultan: Glad to meet you too.

D. Allocation of Time: 1 x meeting (2 x 40 minutes)

E. Learning Strategies
a. Learning Model: Cooperative Learning
b. Approach: Commicative Approach
c. Methods / Techniques: Total Phisycal Response (Listen to do), Debriefing

F. Learning Steps
1.  Pre Activities          :
 -  Greetings
 -  Checking readiness and student attendance
 -  Pre-test, appersepsi (review subjects weeks ago)

            2.  Main Activities       :
                 a. The teacher gives an example of how to greet someone.

Teacher            : Good morning, class.
Students          : Good morning, Sir.
Teacher            : How are you?
Students          : We are fine, thank you.
Teacher            : Now listen and repeat it!
                          ( repeat it twice or three times)
b. The teacher asks the students to imitate speech teacher.
-  Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night, dll.
-  Good morning, Sir / Mam
c. The teacher gives an example of how to introduce yourself and others.
Susi        :  Hello, I am Susi.
                                       What is your name?
                     Nindi      :  I am Nindi.
                                       How do you do?
                     Susi        : How do you do.

Doni    :  Hello, Dian. This is Dina.
Dian    :  How do you do Dina.
Dina    :  How do you do.

d. The teacher asks the students to sit in groups and ask students to say hello and introduce himself to the group.

e. The teacher gives examples of introducing other people
Teacher       :  Good morning, students.
                      This is Intan, your new friend.
Intan           :  Hello friends, nice to meet you.

f. The teacher asks a student to introduce themselves to the group.

3. Post Avtivities.
            a. The teacher asks the students difficulties during the learning process
b. The teacher concludes the learning material.
Teacher         :   Okay students before we end our lesson, let me ask you questions. What will you say when you meet someone in the morning.
Teacher         :   What will you say if you want to introduce Ida to Shanti.
c. Teachers assign students to create a conversation that contains greetings and introductions themselves

G. Learning Resources
1. Classroom environment (real objects in the classroom)
2. Books Basic Skills for Home Conversation works Otong Setiawan Djuharie UD Guntoro
3. Teacher-made materials

F.   Assessment                                                                     
1. Technique: Responding to expressions or questions orally and in writing.
2. Forms: Oral Questions
- Make a conversation about addressing the person who has or has not been known
- Make a conversation about introducing yourself or someone else
3. Instrument: The attached

1.      A      :   Hello, Mira, good morning
B      :   ….

2.      A      :  Hello. My name is Yuyi.
       What’s your name?
B      :  I’m Yui. How do you do.
A      :  ….

3.      A     :  Hi Melia. How are you to day?
B      :  ….

4.      Icha     :  Hello. I am Lisa. You can call me Icha.
Dewi   :  Hi Icha. Nice to meet you.
Icha     :  ….
5.   Mr. Yusuf :   Good morning, students. How are you to day?
Students    :   ….


Listen to each conversation. Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c or d.
1.      A. good morning               4. A. I’m fine
B. good afternoon                 B. How are you
C. good evening                    C. Nice to meet you
D. good night                        D. How do you do
2.      A. How are you?               5. A. Good morning, Sir.
B. How do you do                            B. Good morning, Miss.
C. I’m fine                                        C. Good morning, Mam.
D. I’m very well                    D. Good morning

3.      A. I’m fine
B. How are you
C. How do you do
D. Nice to meet you

                                                                                    Jatiwaras, 22 Oktober 2011
            Headmaster                                                             English Teacher

            Junaedin, S.Pd                                                  Dian Budiana, S.Pd
            NIP. -                                                                  NIP. -

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